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Here Are The Qualifications To Be a Guest On Our Show
What we're looking for are inventors, startups, products, services and business models that have a unique proposition that separates them from the competition. Questions to ask yourself are: Is my item clever? Is it unique? Does it maybe solve a problem better than anyone else? Is there cool factor? Your submission doesn't have to cover all that was mentioned, but use it as a parameter. Watch some of our shows and you'll get the idea.

What Does "Whale Of An Idea" Do For Guests? ... Think of it as a different form of "Shark Tank," accept, we do not take any equity from your business and instead of the "sharks" judging you, our viewers (and whales) right from their home or office online, get to judge and if they like what's presented, they (the viewers and whales) contact you directly. Think about it. Which is better? 5 people, or potentially hundreds of "whales?" Also, should you be accepted, you'll be able to state that "You've Been Featured" on WHALE OF AN IDEA! (See below logo). Plus, you'll be able to use the statement in all of your advertising, marketing and packaging. Please note: We are working on a few other logos.

It's Not Always About Raising Money ... You may get inquiries from people wanting to be an intern for your company. In addition, you could get inquiries about, social and business expansion and many other things that could help your business or concept grow. Now that's, a "WHALE OF AN IDEA."

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