01: Get Your AAA+ Rating From The "Business Chamber Of Commerce" For Your Business - Guaranteed! ... You'll be able to use this rating in all of your marketing, advertising, and packaging. Your rating logos are included and ready to use immediately. Think in terms of the BBB only better. Your AAA+ Rating NEVER varies. We are "disrupting" the business rating system and YOU can be part of it.
02: Discount Medical Program With No Fees ... This program is "disrupting" the discount medical program industry. How? Typically, Discount Medical Programs cost around $20 - $30 per-person, per-month. This program gives YOU, and an UNLIMITED amount of employees, discounts at Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors and more. No Upfront or monthly fees. In other words, it's FREE. No catch. No gimmick. No purchase necessary. 
03: TOP-SECRET BOSS ... Are you familiar with the CBS Hit TV Show, UnderCover Boss? ... If not, it's where CEOs go "undercover" to find out what's really going on in their company and how to make improvements. It costs somewhere around $1 MILLION DOLLARS to be featured on that TV Show. Use Top-Secret Boss™ instead and it costs you nothing! It's all part of your Premium Membership package.

OK, so here's the thing ... Why should a CEO (or business owner) have to go undercover to "Micro Manage" at the street level? Why should they have to go "undercover" to find out what's really going on in their company? Shouldn't that be the "Department Head's" job ???? You know what that means? Heads need to roll (or maybe not)!

Top-Secret Boss™ teaches you how to Uncover (without having to go undercover) what mid-level management is NOT doing and how to make improvements. If you're a department head, managing-level executive, or employee (CEOs and business owners too), you'll love Top-Secret Boss as it will help increase "awareness" and make you a much more VALUABLE ASSET to your company or organization. This program literally can increase company profits in a very short period of time.
04: Discounts at National Merchants ... Receive discounts and special business savings programs from several vendors including Office Depot, UPS, Hertz, 4imprint, BP Gasoline, and many others. Helps with operating expenses.
05: Reverse Negotiating ... "Disrupting" the negotiating process. This system allows the customer to CLOSE YOU, thereby creating MORE sales for your product or service. Great for software, memberships, scripts, ebooks, home study courses, domain names, training, and coaching. In other words, anything digital or service related ... (Works with some hard goods as well). Learn the system within 30 minutes. Sell your services for HIGHER PRICES and CLOSE MORE DEALS at the same time. What could a system like this do to increase your sales?
06: Login Rebates™ ... Here's How The "Login Rebate" Program Works ... Retail merchants (and other merchants too) drive their customers to a "rebate website" for registration and rebate confirmation. Customers that wish to receive their rebate, discount or any other promotion that a merchant offers, go to their computer and simply fills out a form with their name and email address (takes only a few seconds). Once completed, a confirmation email is sent to the customer with the promotional offer. Once the customer clicks on the confirmation email, this qualifies them for the promotion or rebate. Once they click on the confirmation email, the customer has 30 days to take advantage of the merchants' offer or rebate. This is very "disruptive" to the rebate industry which is heavily guarded by manufacturers. Now ANY local merchant can have their own Rebate program and is very easy to set-up.
07: 5-Star Dining Rated™ ... What Does This Program Do For Restaurants? ... It gives you immediate extra cash-flow because of the new 5-Star Rating for your top selling Entree' and Dessert - Guaranteed! Will you Have to Re-Print Menus? ... Not to start! ... Right-out-of-the-gate you'll have your servers point to which items have the 5-Star Rating. Then on your next printing, add the 5-Star Rating logo and any price changes. You'll also be able to start your 5-Star Rating in one day. There are no food critics involved (thank goodness), and your new rating allows you to raise your prices and still serve as many meals and entrees' as before (if not more). You can start advertising your rating immediately. Your rating is issued by the Business Chamber Of Commerce. This concept completely "disrupts" the food "critics" nonsense. AT LAST, restaurants can have some kind of "validation" about their food in relationship to their patrons. ANY restaurant can have the Rating!
08: How to Cold-Call, Without Cold-Calling ... Learn this technique in minutes. Works over 90% of the time. Great for getting past the "gatekeeper." Now you can completely eliminate any fear or hesitation about cold calling. This process is so simple that anyone can start using it immediately. It's the perfect on-the-phone lead generator that has no selling involved. Are you tired of hearing "No"? 
09: Protecting Your Ideas ... What's The FASTEST and most efficient protection of your ideas? Get that all important "Patent Pending" within hours. Copyright vs. Design Patent and first to market also wins (usually). Patent your "Method Of Doing Business." 
10: Teach What You Know and Build Your Local Business ... This unique process can be done quickly and makes you the "trusted authority" in your area of expertise (locally). Teach what you know at your local College. No degree required. The beauty is that it gives you greater credibility which gets you more clients and checks this out, most of the time, your students become customers. Get paid by the College and your students. Simple to initiate. Learn it in 40-Minutes! ... Build your local credibility and sales fast! 
11: How to Tout Your Website Correctly ... Did you know that 90% of people are doing it wrong? And, it's costing businesses thousands of dollars. Learn within minutes how to "tout" your website correctly and stop losing prospects. 
12: How to Create Instant "Press Releases" ... This "press release" template generator works pretty well. Just insert your content and it formats everything for you. Think of the savings from having to pay a PR person on simple press releases. 
13: Free Payroll Services ... Get a multitude of FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. If you have more than 25 employees, there's a small fee. This is PERFECT for small businesses and startups!
14: "Support Local Business Day" ... "Support Local Business Day" is celebrated each Wednesday of the week. Compare that to Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday all of which takes place only once per year and does very little for LOCALLY owned businesses. In effect, "Support Local Business Day" is your own personal Black Friday that not only can help your business with additional exposure (as we grow) but can help your business RIGHT NOW through the use of the above benefits and services. Be part of "Support Local Business Day" team and increase your business. 
15: Web-Based TV Commercials ... 92 Commercials. You have license to use the commercials for your business. Each commercial has a white background so you can add information or your logo. Click Here to See Samples. Below are the commercial categories ...

Accounting ... Animal Training ... Architectural Services ... Auditor ... Auto Mechanic ... Baby Sitting Services ... Business Services ... Catering Services ... Cleaning Services ... Commercial Contractor ... Consultant Services ... Consultant Services#2 ... Copywriting Services ... Cosmetic Dentist ... Credit Repair ... Credit Repair#2 ... Custom Home Upgrade Services ... Debt Counseling ... Digital/Media Internet Attorney ... Dog Grooming Services ... Dog Training Services ... Domestic Maid Services ... Drywall Contractor ... Dry Cleaning Services ... Duct Cleaner ... Electrical Contractor ... Electrical Services ... Events Management Services ... Event Planner ... Fencing Services ... Financial Planner ... Fire and Flood Recovery Expert ... Flood Restoration Services ... Flooring Contractor ... Floral ... Freight Shipping Services ... Glass Repair Services ... Graphic Designer ... Heating-Air ... Home Appraiser ... Home Improvement ... Interior Designer ... Landscaping ... Laundry Services ... Lead Generation Services ... Legal Services ... Life Coach ... Life Insurance ... Limo Services ... Locksmith ... Marriage Counseling Services ... Mobile App ... Mold Specialist ... Mortgage Brokering Services ... Moving Services ... Online Marketer ... Painter ... Painting Services ... Patent and Trademark Attorney ... Pest Control Services ... Pet Sitter ... Plumber ... Pool Care Specialist ... Printing Services ... Private Investigator ... Private Investigator#2 ... Public Relations Consultant ... Real Estate Agency ... Recruiter ... Roofer ... Screen Printing ... Search Engine Optimisation ... Social Media Consultant ... Storage Facility ... Storage Services ... Tattoo Removal Services ... Travel Agency ... Travel Agent ... Travel Services ... Videographer ... Video Marketing Services ... Web Developer ... Wedding Planner ... Wedding Planner#2 ... Window Tinting Services ... Window Washing Services ... Windshield Repair ...
17: In Addition, We Have 21 "Sketch" Web-Based TV Commercials ... See Samples.

Accountant ... Auto Repair ... Carpet Cleaner ... Chiropractor ... Computer Repair ... Cosmetic Surgery ... Credit Repair ... Day Care ... Debt Counseling ... Dentist ... Hair Salon ... Handyman ... Home Security ... HVAC Commercial ... Laser Eye Surgery ... Lawyer ... Locksmith ... Painter ... Pest Control ... Plumber ... Skin Care ... PLUS, you get the verbal scripts for each commercial.
More to Come ... 
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