What is "Whale Of An Idea?"
It's an online show in a very simple format (for now), that offers guests a chance to explain their startup, product, service or business model and how they plan to scale it up "big time." Guests are also allowed to explain what they are looking for in terms of expansion, such as: Investors, Potential Partners, Potential Joint-Ventures, Product Placement People or Organizations, Loan Companies, Potential Sponsors, Licensing Agencies and The Press, a quick and precise "Pitch" about their startup, product, service or business model.

Then, when the show airs, viewers (general audience) and WHALES (what we call heavy-hitters in a specific niche), contact our guests directly for more information. "Whale Of An Idea" receives NO equity in your company or percentage of any deals you acquire. Your show will be archived until instructed otherwise. "Whale Of An Idea" is virtually an unedited reality show. No actors. Real people.

What's in it For Viewers?
OPPORTUNITY ... Ever seen the shows "Shark Tank," "Dragons Den" or "The Profit?" For the viewer (you) at home, there's next to nothing in the way of an opportunity. But with "Whale Of An Idea," you're given "Carte Blanche" to contact guests and be involved at any level that's worked out. Furthermore, each show contains "Golden Nuggets" of business knowledge that can help you as an entrepreneur, or help launch your cool business idea. "Whale Of An Idea" is completely free to watch.
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